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The Neapolitan posteggia is an ancient way to make music to cheer people elegantly and without being intrusive; it is a fine line between the room’s silence and your guests’ chattering. The right atmosphere for a special day.

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The Posteggia

The classic and traditional posteggia is one of the most beautiful forms to make music in elegant and unobtrusively way.

Church ceremony

The church ceremony is undoubtedly the most touching time, for this music is the driving force.

Serenade for the bride

Rich of intense emotions… there are many women that don’t ask for it, but expect it.

Piano bar

Classic and modern piano bar , with male and female voices, with classical, light, jazz and international repertory.

An exclusive website for your wedding

Web service

For all newly married couples that will book our music (at least 6 month before the event), we will provide a free web service dedicated to your wedding. It’s a very professional website.

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